Yak meat smuggled into New York’s JFK Airport inside sweaters and pants has been seized by customs agents.

More than 290 pounds of prohibited yak meat, dung pods and seeds were seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Kennedy Airport, the agency said this week.

The contraband items — imported from Nepal — were hidden inside clothing, including sweaters, shawls and pants.

Importing yak meat from countries, like Nepal, that are affected by foot-and-mouth disease, is banned, according to the agency.

The shipment was captured by the Commercial Targeting and Analysis Center, based on a tip from the public.


  1. Because immigrants are set in their ways and the “diversity” crowd make excuses for them all sorts of noxious non native species of plant and animal life are causing harm to our native ecosystem. Were it not for selfish dumb people we wouldn’t have dandelions, carp and other invasive species running amok in our country.


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