US Governor Robert Bentley’s impeachment hearing proceedings will begin Monday, but Bentley may not testify.

The state’s Supreme Court on Saturday overturned a lower court Friday ruling, clearing the way for impeachment hearings to begin Monday as scheduled.

“It’s disappointing to hear the committee will plow forward while the Supreme Court is considering the case. We have no idea what the committee has planned for Monday or who its witnesses will be,” said Ross Garber, the attorney for the governor, as reported by the news outlet.

Bentley, who has served as Alabama’s governor since 2011, has been embroiled in a scandal since recordings emerged of him making sexually suggestive comments to one of his advisers.

Bentley has insisted nothing he did was illegal and said Friday he would not resign.

The Associated Press on Friday said an impeachment report found that Bentley “encouraged an atmosphere of intimidation” in an effort to keep his relationship with the adviser quiet.


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