Voting begins in South Korea’s presidential election 2017.

South Koreans have been voting in their presidential election, looking to move on from a corruption scandal that brought down former leader Park Geun-hye and shook the establishment.

The vote will end a months-long leadership vacuum. Park was ousted on charges of bribery and abuse of power and is in jail, awaiting trial.

The strong favourite to replace her is liberal Moon Jae-in, who calls for a moderate approach on North Korea. He’s criticised previous governments for failing to stop Pyongyang’s weapons development, and advocates dialogue while maintaining pressure and sanctions.

Moon also wants to reform powerful family-run conglomerates and boost spending to create jobs.

Almost 20 points behind in the polls, centrist Ahn Cheol-soo voted in Seoul and said he would wait for the people’s “wise decision”.

If elected he, like Moon, is expected to avoid a lavish inauguration ceremony and start work immediately.

Third according to the polls, the ultra-conservative Hong Joon-Pyo cast his vote in the capital.

The outspoken former prosecutor, taken to task over sexism, argues for a harder line towards North Korea.

The winner is expected to be sworn in on Wednesday.


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