Melinda Gates says millions of women around the world will be prevented from getting contraception that can better their lives due to President Donald Trump’s foreign aid cuts.

“As the debate over cutting funding for development assistance continues, we will be asked whether we believe that investing in developing countries and the women and girls who live there is worth it. I hope you will insist that it is,’ she wrote in a Sunday op-ed for “USA Today.”

Gates described how a recent trip to Indonesia reinforced the importance of foreign aid in improving societies, especially when that money goes toward contraceptives and family planning.

“Many people don’t realize the role contraceptives play in building a more stable and prosperous world,” Gates explained. “When I started looking at the data, I learned that contraceptives are actually one of the greatest anti-poverty innovations the world has ever seen.”

The White House budget proposal, released March 13 and titled “America First,” proposes steep cuts to foreign aid and the State Department in favor of building up the United States military, and refocuses economic assistance to countries that provide the greatest “strategic value” to the United States.

And on January 23, the White House reinstated a ban on providing federal funds to international groups that performed or assisted with abortions. Gates also urged readers to speak out against this policy.”I hope you will speak up loud and clear for the power of contraceptives to transform nations and build a better world for all of us,” she wrote.


  1. Ms. Gates, Yeah, these contraceptives are really doing a great job. As in, the population continues to expand in 3rd world country. If you guys think it is such a great deal, why not pay for it out of your own pocket. I, for one, am not feeling especially benevolent toward 3rd world countries, which keep getting worse, when it comes to US tax dollars.

  2. Reporter: where is this”data”? Just as Liberal progressives do not want Americato be the “policeman” of the world, they sould understand that we should also not be the healthcare of the world. Third world women are terribly oppressed and have miserable lives. Why aren’t you sending your own money to help? I’m not telling you where to send your money, don’t take my hard earned money and send where you want it to go.

  3. You have enough money to supply the world with contraceptives. Parasites, no matter their income, need to stop expecting everybody to pay into your opinion. Put your money where your mouth is and leave mine out of it.

  4. A message from my mom about our true faith is, “the poor will always be with us”.
    Poverty has been a blessing in my life.
    Please don’t try to kill me off.

  5. Bill and Melinda Gates are pair who I believe want the population of the world to decrease by 90% If they want to create foundations to “help” the people, they should not have access to our tax dollars, softly killing us and other cultures around the world. They should use their own money.
    Contraceptives, GMO foods that can tolerate the poison, glyphosate, GMO mosquitoes to fight Zika, while they create the vaccines against Zika virus. Fear moves the masses to take in the vaccines that may have detrimental side effects. The media does not mention the problems that the Gates Foundation have posed on the global community. Most people think they mean well. They still believe the mainstream media is telling us the truth. I believe the extreme opposite. Use your own money, or the money left over by the death of David Rockefeller. I wish they didn’t care so much for the children of this earth. Unadulterated food, water, air and surroundings will help the world. That costs so much less than all the Frankenstein technology that’s getting shoved down our throats. We’re brainwashed into thinking we need vaccines for this, and vaccines for that. We need to remember that plagues were spread around by the elites who knew how to use disease to kill, ie, American Indians and Small pox in blankets. Death disguised as help and love.


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