Four pounds of marijuana delivered to Winston-Salem home as police execute search warrant.

The officers were at the home in the 3400 block of Old Greensboro Road executing a search warrant after developing information that marijuana plants were on the back porch, according to a news release.

As officers were searching the home, a parcel delivery service delivered a package to the home containing four pounds of “very high grade marijuana” with a street value of more than $20,000, the release said.

The package originated from Portland, Oregon, and officers obtained legal authority to open it.

Winston-Salem officers also located eight marijuana plants on the back porch of the home and about a half-pound of marijuana inside.

Narel Remondadeon Rutherford, 50, of Winston-Salem, was charged with with manufacturing marijuana, felony possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of violating the Controlled Substance Act.


  1. Most of the pot that Americans are smoking now come from the pot legalized states. You can get people from these legal pot smoking states to mail you weed.

  2. And who exactly was the marijuana hurting? Another useless non violent drug crime. The legality of marijuana in some states reminds me of the times when segregation in southern states still existed while every other state moved forward. This is the same nature with states legalizing weed. The states legalizing are moving forward while, non violent marijuana drug crimes keeps others in the past. Marijuana is good for the body. Nobody’s ever died from smoking, or eating too much weed. Ever. It grows in the ground. it’s a plant. How many other drugs can say that? Merely none, most are manufactured with chemicals and other deadly products. The real drug killers are opioids. Stop wasting time on weed.

  3. All the money our country is missing out on. *smh* We could regulate and tax it; it would solve budget deficits, lower the death rate from opiate overdoses, cut deep into the revenue of the Mexican cartels, and still end and/or ruin far fewer lives than alcohol. But we don’t. And the real reason is because Big Pharma and Big Alcohol are terrified of what it would do to their sales. There’s the hypocrisy. Our government claims to believe in free enterprise and open market competition. But they don’t when it competes with the lobbies that line their pockets. The truth is they’d rather let thousands of people die every year than cut into their kickbacks.
    Jeff Sessions, you hypocrite! Take the beam out of your eye!


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