Kansas City Voters Ease Marijuana Law
Kansas City Voters Ease Marijuana Law

Voters in Kansas City, by an overwhelming margin, voted to lower penalties for marijuana possession of 35 grams or less.

Also in Kansas City, a measure to greatly reduce penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana passed in a landslide. Adults caught with 35 grams or less of pot will be fined $25, with no jail time. Prosecutors say violators will have a record of marijuana possession, which will not look good on future employment background checks.

Voters in the Independence school district passed a ballot question that will authorize $38 million in bonds to fund a new elementary school and improvements to three high schools.
Kansas City Question 1: Streets, Bridges, Sidewalks: 100% Reporting
YES: 39,885 | 66%
NO:   20,622 | 34%

Kansas City Question 2: Flood Control: 100% Reporting
YES: 36,870 | 61%
NO:   23,390 | 39%

Kansas City Question 3: Public Buildings, Structures: 100% Reporting
YES:  40,420 | 67%
NO:   19,988  | 33%

Kansas City Question 5: Reduce Marijuana Penalties: 100% Reporting
YES: 42,814 | 71%
NO: 17,624   | 29%

Independence Public School Bonds: 100% Reporting
YES: 8,209  | 85%
NO:   1,454  | 15%

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