George W. Bush Casually Videobombs Texas Rangers Broadcast.

The state of US politics might not be in the best shape but it doesn’t seem to be worrying former US president George W. Bush.

Not that it seemed to worry ‘Dubbya’ too much when he was in office making it highly doubtful he’d be losing sleep over the current President’s predicament.

But the 43rd United States president was in such a cheerful mood while at a recent Texas Rangers game, he decided to video bomb a reporter’s live cross.

As the reporter was live to air, Bush can be seen walking past in the background with a beverage in hand. As he gets close he just yells “hey” and kept on walking.

The reporter, Fox’s Emily Jones, approached Bush off camera and asked him, “Did you just photobomb me?” He replied, “Yep, I sure did!”


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