A new poll released on Tuesday predicts Marine Le Pen will lose the upcoming French election. 

The poll, released by Ipsos Mori, suggests it is increasingly likely the Front National leader will face off against Emmanuel Macron in the second and final round of voting in the French election in May.

If this were to happen, the poll suggests the leader of the On Marche! party will triumph over Le Pen, with transferred votes helping to secure his victory.

The poll also indicates that Francois Fillon, the previous favourite, will struggle, with Ipsos Mori’s experts forecasting that both Macron and Le Pen are now ahead of him.

Fillon has been dealing with allegations regarding his wife Penelope, who is alleged to have been given a highly-paid sinecure by her husband. He denies any wrongdoing in relation to the case, which has come to be dubbed ‘Penelopegate.’


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