‘Kingsman 3’? Director Matthew Vaughn Says Idea Already In The Works.

Matthew Vaughn is still working on the edit for Kingsman: The Golden Circle but he’s already working on plans for the next one. Vaughn said during a press event promoting The Golden Circle that he’s bveen developing a third film in the franchise should they get the opportunity for another one.

“By the end of this movie, no one will predict where Eggsy ends up,” Vaughn said. “Weirdly, Kingsman 2, when we were writing it, we were thinking about Kingsman 3 as well, which was odd. Big idea for that. This is sort of the bridge — if we can pull this off and people go see it — to the other one.”

Vaughn talked about editing the film, saying that he’s toying with the idea of an extended version of the film as well as the theatrical cut. “We’ve had to cut out so much riff. I might be tempted to do a longer cut one day because they knew these characters so well and they bounce off each other and there’s a genuine friendship between everyone that it’s been hard,” he said. “I’m cutting out lots of good stuff. I hate long movies and I’ve made a long film, so I’m wrestling with that the moment.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle released on September 22nd.


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